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Women Health Segment: Why is Adalvo a partner of choice?

19 May 2022

One of our key targets is to deliver a diversified and competitive portfolio and support our partners in every step of their journey. In this respect, we are now developing our women health portfolio, and our intention is to assist our partners with the different challenges that mature products may present. Are you looking to:

-    Improve cost of goods?
-    Expand internal capacity?
-    Source a reliable partner, to allow for the tender award?
-    Maintain a sustainable supply?
-    Optimize and centralize the supply chain?
-    Increase flexibility?
-    Expand the current portfolio without the need to add a new supplier? 
-    Source an agile partner, allowing for quick market strategies?

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In this strategic collaboration Adalvo is now offering a basket of hormonal products, that will enable our partners to offer a wide array of oral contraceptive and hormonal replacement products, at a global level. 

Our women's health products include:
Dienogest, 2 mg 
Levonorgestrel, 1,5 mg
Levonorgestrel+ Ethinylestradiol, 0.10mg+0.02mg 
Levonorgestrel+ Ethinylestradiol, 0.15mg+0.03mg 
Drospirenone + Ethinylestradiol, 3mg+0.03mg 
Drospirenone + Ethinylestradiol, 3mg+0.02mg 
Desogestrel + Ethinylestradiol, 0.10 mg + 0.02 mg 
Desogestrel + Ethinylestradiol, 0.15mg+0.03mg 
Norethisterone + Estradiol, 0.5mg+1mg 
Norethisterone, 5 mg 
Desogestrel, 75 mcg 
Cyproterone + Ethinylestradiol, 2 mg + 0.035 mg 
Dydrogesterone, 10mg 

Our women's health pipeline products include:
Drospirenone, 4 mg 
Norgestimate + Ethinylestradiol, 0.25 mg + 0.035 mg 
Dydrogestereone + Estradiol, 5+1mg, 10+1mg, 10+2mg 
Tibolone, 2.5 mg 
Progesterone, 400 mg 
Dienogest + Ethinylestradiol, 2 mg + 0.030 mg 
Gestodene + Ethinylestradiol, 75 mcg + 30 mcg 
Chlormadinone + Ethinylestradiol, 2 mg + 0.03 mg 
Disclaimer: products which are subject to patent protection are currently not offered or made available in countries where patents are in force.