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Lotus Enhanced Oncology Pipeline

29 July 2021
Adalvo is the only B2B platform with a real selected boutique approach to portfolio. We are proud to offer products from all the major pharmaceutical domains, oncology being one of them.

Adalvo submits dossier application for Enzalutamide Soft Gel Capsule 40mg

19 July 2021
Adalvo is pleased to announce that following the successful compilation of all necessary requirements, we have submitted our dossier for Enzalutamide, and did proceed for filing via several DCP procedures in Europe.

Adalvo submits generic dossier application for Dimethyl Fumarate hard capsules

12 July 2021
Adalvo is pleased to announce that in light of the most recent General Court decision that revoked data exclusivity protection on Dimethyl Fumarate (Tecfidera®) hard capsules, we have submitted our generic dossier application in a DCP procedure.

Teduglutide - A Unique Opportunity With Vast Orphan Market Potential

21 June 2021
Adalvo is very excited about this unique opportunity with vast orphan market potential

Adalvo & JSC Olainfarm to launch a new urology product in 17 countries in 2022-2023

16 June 2021
Adalvo is delighted to partner with JSC Olainfarm to launch a new product within the urology segment which is targeted to be the 1st to market opportunity in 17 countries. The prescription product will help millions of patients to regain ease and quality of life

Adalvo announces successful pivotal BE trial outcome of Lisdexamfetamine development

11 June 2021
Adalvo is delighted to announce the successful Pivotal BE outcome of its Lisdexamfetamine hard capsules development which demonstrates Adalvo´s ability to continuously offer first-to-market opportunities to its valued partners.

Adalvo announces DCP filing of Solifenacin+Tamsulosin MR tablets

07 May 2021
Adalvo is happy to announce that following the successful compilation of all necessary requirements today we submitted our Solifenacin+Tamsulosin MR Tablet dossier and will proceed via several DCP procedures in Europe

We are pleased to share our exciting DCP schedule for 2021

31 March 2021
Here at Adalvo we are committed to being always on target with the aim of achieving great results for our partners and patients.

Adalvo announces ready-to-file dossier completion on Pomalidomide hard capsules development

23 March 2021
Adalvo is delighted to announce the completion of an eCTD format dossier on our Pomalidomide hard capsules development.

Adalvo announces successful Pivotal BE trial on Teriflunomide development

18 January 2021
Adalvo is happy to claim positive pivotal PK result on its Teriflunomide development which will soon be a new addition to our high-value product portfolio to our customers.

Adalvo announces successful pivotal BE trial outcome of Drospirenone + Estradiol program

04 January 2021
We are happy to announce a positive pivotal PK outcome of our Drospirenone + Estradiol development which is our new milestone in creating Adalvo’s mission for a boutique portfolio containing complex and niche products. Adalvo is the only known developer of this asset which underpins our differentiated portfolio strategy

Are you feeling the holiday buzz?

14 December 2020
As the Holidays are rapidly approaching, we really wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your wonderful collaboration and support in what has undoubtedly been a truly outstanding and remarkable year for all us on pretty much every front.

Adalvo wins Business Development of the Year award at the annual Global Generics Awards

05 November 2020
The Adalvo team have certainly been busy bees this year, driven by their passion for relentless commitment to customers and business partners. Adalvo has been a true success story ever since Alvogen and Alvotech introduced the new B2B corporate identity early this year.

Adalvo announces completion on BE trials of Solifenacin + Tamsulosin development

30 October 2020
Adalvo is happy to announce that in addition to our earlier reported studies we successfully closed our last bioequivalence trial that was conducted in steady state dosing.

Alvotech and Teva announce strategic partnership to collaborate in the U.S. biosimilar market

05 August 2020
Alvotech and Teva bring together highly complementary capabilities to secure a leading position in the U.S. biosimilar market. The collaboration is one of the broadest partnerships within the U.S. biosimilar industry to date to accelerate improved patient access for high quality biosimilar medicines in the U.S. biosimilar industry.

Adalvo and Ambiopharm partner on development & licensing for key peptide products

29 July 2020
Adalvo today announced that it has entered into partnership with AmbioPharm, a US-based pharmaceutical company, for an exclusive collaboration on the co-development and licensing for the commercialization of several complex pharmaceutical products in key global markets.

Adalvo announces successful dual pivotal BE trial outcome of Solifenacin + Tamsulosin development

21 July 2020
Adalvo is delighted to announce successful Fed and Fast Pivotal BE outcome of its Solifenacin + Tamsulosin development which demonstrates Adalvo's ability to continuously offer first-to-market opportunities to its valued partners.

Adalvo submits generic dossier applications for Icatibant pre-filled syringe

16 July 2020
Adalvo today announces that it has submitted filings for generic dossier applications with the European Medicines Agency, seeking approval to market an Icatibant pre-filled syringe. Based on available information, Adalvo believes it is in the first wave of applicants to submit its filing within the European Union.

Adalvo announces positive CHMP opinion for Livogivatm (Teriparatide injection)

29 June 2020
New commercialization agreement in Latin America announced with a large, multinational pharmaceutical firm.

Adalvo announces new strategic partnerships with Alvogen subsidiary

11 May 2020
Adalvo, the new B2B company as part of the Alvogen and Alvotech family, have worked with Lotus pharmaceuticals in Asia to announce 10 new strategic partnership agreements in 2020 with some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

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