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ESG strategy

 As a global pharmaceutical company,  we strive to make this world a better place and have a sustainable impact in the communities where we live and work.

Most of the ESG strategy is founded on Adalvo's mission to enhance people's lives through a whole spectrum of initiatives, which our team around the world have been getting involved in.


A Tree for Every Deal

Adalvo has committed to plant a tree, for every deal that we make. 

We want to take an active role in contributing to environmentally friendly practices in the hope of restoring the world we live in.


Saving wildlife Habitats

Adalvo has teamed up with Woodland Trust, the UK's largest woodland conservation charity. Adalvo has made a donation for a tree in the name of each of our team.

A tree is not just bark and branches - it's a home for all the wildlife that inhabits it. With this initiative we are creating future homes for our wildlife..

Social responsibility

Humanitarian Aid

Adalvo underwent several initiatives to support individuals affected by the situation in Ukraine

  • Job opportunities
  • Fundraising campaign
  • Access to medication

Helping our Bees

Adalvo has organized an initiative which will contribute towards funding university-based pollinator research, creating bee-friendly habitats and supporting the shrinking bee population.

Working on Beehive project to adapt Bee population and produce Adalvo Honey for partners.


India Aid

In response to the Covid-19 adversity in India, Adalvo provides support to stakeholders, hospitals and patients during this difficult time and offers our networking services to those in need.