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Adalvo’s Progress With Semaglutide Pre-Filled Pen

10 June 2024

Adalvo has completed the development of Semaglutide 1.34mg/ml pre-filled pen, a generic and bioequivalent version of Ozempic®, which is indicated for treating type II diabetes.  

Having filed as the first company in several markets across LATAM, MENA, and Canada, Adalvo is now awaiting market authorisation approvals between 2024 and 2025.

Adalvo’s Semaglutide pre-filled pen will offer the same therapeutic benefits as Ozempic®, making it a valuable addition to our diabetes portfolio. In 2023, the brand sold $36.4Bn with a 3Y CAGR of 45%, according to IQVIA. 

In addition to Semaglutide, Adalvo is one of the few companies with an extensive portfolio offering both small molecule and peptide treatment possibilities for type II diabetes.

At Adalvo, there are no half-measures – we are always on target. When your mission is to be faster and stronger than your competitors, you need a winning team driving your vision forward. 

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