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Adalvo successfully extends their commercial distribution with Corne

31 July 2023

Adalvo is thrilled to have successfully executed Dimethyl Fumarate 120/240mg Capsules in Mexico, with our esteemed partners, Corne.

This successful execution marks a significant milestone in Adalvo's commitment to delivering competitive pharmaceutical solutions around the world. Through our partnership with Corne, Adalvo continues to expand their reach and make a positive impact on patients' lives.

Dimethyl Fumarate 120mg, 240mg hard capsules has been developed based on the reference brand Tecfidera, which is indicated in the treatment of relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis. The product sold at around $2 Billion globally in 2022, according to IQVIA. 

On top of this exciting achievement, Adalvo has also executed Dimethyl Fumarate 120mg, 240mg hard capsules in 5 other markets.

"We are delighted to announce the successful commercial distribution of Dimethyl Fumaratein Mexico, marking a significant milestone for Adalvo and further enhancing our presence in LATAM. As we continue to expand, we are proud to work alongside Corne, reinforcing their pivotal role within this segment."

Anil Okay

CEO of Adalvo

"Dimethyl Fumarate marks the first of many registered and launched products in Mexico. This significant addition to our portfolio offers a crucial treatment option for Multiple Sclerosis patients, moving away from traditional injections to a more sophisticated and patient-friendly approach. At Corne, our commitment lies in providing patients with diverse treatment choices, pledging our dedication to oral products. Our passion drives us to supply physicians with the best solutions to effectively treat patients while ensuring adherence at a fair price."

Guillermo Narro

Commercial Vice President of Corne

About Adalvo

Adalvo is a global pharmaceutical company, and one of the leading B2B pharmaceutical companies in Europe, with commercial partnerships in more than 100 countries and for over 110 commercial partners globally. The company’s declared purpose is to make a difference for patients all over the world, driven by our smart collaboration network and commitment to delivering highest quality differentiated products and services to our partners.

With headquarters in Malta, the company has additional offices in more than 16 countries. At Adalvo, we know that our partners like to be bigger, better, and smarter in the dynamic pharmaceutical sector. That’s why our approach is unique, customized to our partners, and is designed to challenge the status quo: together, this helps our partners achieve their business goals

We take pride in our ability to help its partners reach their goals – be those increasing revenues or pushing into new markets. While partners are a high priority, Adalvo is also committed to its purpose and mission to accelerate the growth and development of employees and local communities. Adalvo tirelessly strives for excellence in all of its endeavors, driven by a deep-rooted passion to making a difference for partners.

The company’s purpose driven culture is committed to improving the lives of patients around the world. Our dynamic leadership team brings significant experience and industry know-how to Adalvo, which has helped to establish the company as a reliable global partner.

About Corne

Corne is a Mexican Pharmaceutical Company, leader in high specialty markets for Mexico and soon Central America. In over 35 years of activity the commitment to quality and innovative products with a passion on providing the patient and physician products at a fair price for their treatment continues. The company is focused on the Fertility, OBGYN, Orthopedics, Neurology, and Cardiovascular segments. Among our strengths Corne has successfully combined the ability to launch both products that are partnered in as well as our own manufactured products from our plant and headquarters in Monterrey, NL, Mexico.

At Corne, our passion is to provide physicians with the finest solutions to adequately treat patients at a reasonable price. We are committed to ensuring that the patient's needs are met with the utmost care and excellence in our products and services, guaranteeing the most advanced treatments for the benefit of the Mexican population. The committal to our partners is to offer the best solution to enter the Mexican market and grow aggressively in a solid partnership.

Disclaimer: Products which are subject to patent protection are currently not offered or made available in countries where patents are in force.