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Adalvo partners with Eurofarma & Lotus, bringing high-performance medications to Brazil, indicated in the treatment of multiple myeloma

01 February 2023
Nuvyor (lenalidomide) is the first similar announced in the Brazilian market and marks the strengthening of pharmaceuticals in the area of oncologic hematology.

Adalvo is pleased to announce that together with our sister company, Lotus Pharmaceuticals, we have partnered with Eurofarma, and brought Lenalidomide to the Brazilian market.

Nuvyor is the first generic molecule in the Brazilian market and is used in the treatment of multiple myeloma - a disease that affects plasma cells, bone marrow cells responsible for the production of antibodies that fight infections. The drug, has been developed and manufactured by Lotus Pharmaceuticals, arrived at hospitals and clinics in October, offering added accessibility.

This strategic partnership with Eurofarma has enhanced accessibility of vital medications to patients in Brazil with a safe and cost-effective alternative for multiple myeloma and expands Adalvo’s market reach within the oncology segment.