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Adalvo is now offering over 100 products to our partners!

23 June 2022

And here's to another milestone!  

Adalvo is now able to offer over 100 tailor-made products to our partners. As part of our growth journey, our focus has always been to bring high-value, differentiated products, covering diverse technology platforms.

Adalvo is proud to offer a selective boutique portfolio approach, based on a five-pillars differentiated portfolio strategy, with a special focus on products that may be difficult to find at other companies. Approximately 1/3 of all our pipeline assets are now covering pharmaceuticals where Adalvo is one of the few, or even the only company, offering certain dossiers. 

On a handful of our selected programs, Adalvo is going the extra mile by generating our own clinical data, by conducting our own innovative Phase 3 studies, instead of opting for the typical generic pathway.

Our products are addressing a total market size of $140bn globally.

While our portfolio offering is expanding at an exponential speed (we were able to offer around 50 assets at the end of 2020),  our business remains fueled by our passion for relentless commitment to the partner network that we serve and we will continue to bring high value assets to our portfolio.

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At Adalvo, there are no half measures – we are always on target. When your mission is to be faster and stronger than your competitors, you need a winning team driving your vision forward.

For details on our full product list, please contact our BD directors: – Central & Eastern Europe, Russia & CIS – South Europe & Israel North Europe, APAC and MENA, – Brazil – LATAM (Exc. Brazil) – UK/Ireland, North America & South Africa - Head of Global BD&L

Disclaimer: products which are subject to patent protection is currently not offered or made available in countries where patents are in force.