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Adalvo enters into a strategic licensing agreement with EQL Pharma for Mellozzan®

24 May 2023

Adalvo and EQL Pharma have established a formidable partnership, entering into a strategic licensing agreement for Mellozzan® (with active ingredient melatonin). This collaboration grants Adalvo exclusive rights to register, commercialize, and distribute products across 89 countries, solidifying our global reach and market presence. Among the countries are large markets such as China, Brazil, Canada, Egypt and Japan.

Mellozzan® contains the sleep hormone melatonin and is indicated for children who have ADHD and suffer from insomnia. Melatonin is widely used for insomnia throughout the world, but the ADHD indication of Mellozzan® does not exist for any melatonin medicine outside of Europe. Mellozzan® is also indicated in the short-term treatment of jet lag in adults.

This collaboration with EQL Pharma marks a significant opportunity in our shared dedication to utilize our individual capabilities to foster innovation and bring outstanding products to the market. The deal represents a remarkable progression in our mission to transform our business, propelling it towards a future defined by a remarkable portfolio of distinctive and branded assets. We look forward to working with EQL Pharma on this exciting project

Anil Okay

CEO at Adalvo

For EQL, which today is primarily focused on Europe, the collaboration with Adalvo gives us the opportunity to quickly reach out with Mellozzan® to countries where we ourselves currently have very limited contacts. Adalvo brings to the table its regulatory expertise and then will put to its extensive commercial engine to work with a view of laying out a globalization roadmap for Mellozzan®. Adalvo will be commercialising Mellozzan® through its sister companies and strategic partners alike.

Axel Schörling