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Adalvo announces successful second wave MA approvals for Solifenacin + Tamsulosin

24 January 2023

Adalvo is delighted to announce the completion of second wave MA approvals for Solifenacin + Tamsulosin, in various EU markets, with several successful DCP approvals.

Our product is a fully bioequivalent version of Vesomni MR Tablets, 6mg/0.4mg. This product has been co-developed in collaboration with one of our strategic partners.

Vesomni is a niche product, indicated in the treatment of storage and voiding symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) in men, who are not adequately responding to treatment with monotherapy.

The brand sold approximately $ 111 Mn globally in 2021, having a significant growth potential with Global 3Y CAGR at 8%, according to IQVIA.

Based on this positive progress, we will proceed to launch this product, as soon as regulatory exclusivities and patents allow us.

Adalvo offers a range of products, as depicted below, and we will continue to extend our offerings within this segment.