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Adalvo announces successful launch of Icatibant

27 January 2022

Adalvo is pleased to announce that we have successfully launched Icatibant in 14 markets. This product is a complex injectable peptide, forming part of our high-value product portfolio offering to our partners.

Icatibant is an equivalent and more affordable version of Firazyr (Takeda/Shire) that will now be made more accessible to patients world-wide. The product is used to treat a serious orphan disease, acute attacks of hereditary angioedema, that affects between 1 in 10,000 and 1 in 50,000 people. The brand sold around $350mio globally in 2020, according to IQVIA.

The development of this product was done in close collaboration with our strategic partner Ambio, who are a global peptide manufacturer with one of the largest worldwide capacities.

Icatibant is truly a landmark product and this launch, proves our ability to bring complex high-value products to the market.

With this achievement we are among the first companies to launch the product commercially.