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Adalvo Announces Successful DCP Submission For Adapalene + Benzoyl Peroxide Gel

04 August 2023

Adalvo is pleased to announce oursuccessful DCP submission for Adapalene + Benzoyl Peroxide Gel.

This product has been developed in collaboration with one of our strategic partners, based on the reference brand Epiduo Gel and is used to relieve mild acne in adults.

The INN sold approximately $185M globally in 2022, according to IQVIA.

With Adalvo's clearly defined product pathway, we believe we can achieve day-1 launch in all major markets.

This accomplishment enables Adalvo to provide multiple treatment options to both partners and patients, signifying Adalvo's dedication to making a difference in people's lives by bringing high quality generic pharmaceuticals and medicines to market with our commercial partners around the world.

As a company committed to our dermatology portfolio, we offer an array of dossiers and aim to assist our partners in overcoming any challenges that may arise with these mature products.

Our dermatology products include:

  • Adapalene Gel
  • Adapalene + Benzoyl Peroxide Gel
  • Tacrolimus Ointment
  • Dimetindene Gel
  • Ivermectin Topical Cream
  • Dimethyl Fumarate 30/120 mg Hard Capsules

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Disclaimer: Products which are subject to patent protection are currently not offered or made available in countries where patents are in force.