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Adalvo announces successful DCP approval for Lisdexamfetamine hard capsules

27 January 2023

Adalvo is delighted to announce the successful DCP approval for Lisdexamfetamine hard capsules, which has been developed in close collaboration with one of our strategic partners.

The product had been developed based on the reference brand Elvanse / Vyvanse and is indicated in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The brand sold approximately $4.58 billion, across the globe in 2021, with a 3Y CAGR of 5%. according to IQVIA.

We believe we are amongst the first Companies to receive an approval for this product and based on our clearly defined pathway, we expect to launch on day-1 in all major markets, upon expiry of applicable exclusivities and patent rights.

In addition to hard capsules, Adalvo is offering the value-added version of Lisdexamfetamine which comes in the form of a taste-masked, ready-to-use oral solution. We are the only known company who is targeting both versions of this product which will dramatically increase patient value and demonstrates our ability to continuously offer highly differentiated, value-added products to our partners.