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Adalvo Announces Successful Completion of Pilot BE Study for Fidaxomicin

27 March 2024

Adalvo is delighted to announce the successful completion of the FED and Fasting Pilot BE Study for Fidaxomicin Film Coated Tablets 200mg.

Developed in collaboration with one of our strategic partners, our product is based on the reference brand DIFICLIR and is indicated for the treatment of Clostridioides Difficile Infections (CDI).

In 2023, the brand recorded approximately $426 million with a 3-year Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 22%.

Fidaxomicin presents a unique challenge due to its complex clinical program and status as a difficult-to-make antibiotic product in a rapidly growing segment. This underscores Adalvo's capabilities and highlights our ability to bring complex products to our partners with a competitive edge and early launch opportunities.

There are no half-measures at Adalvo – we are always on target. When your mission is to be faster and stronger than your competitors, you need a winning team driving your vision forward.

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