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Adalvo advances in Dermatology space with a basket of specialty products

08 April 2022

As we continue to deliver on our brand promise of being the preferred partner and setting a new standard for the future of Pharma, Adalvo provides various solutions and differentiated portfolio offerings to our partners.

Our dermatology products include:
Adapalene Gel (Differine / Galderma) – $146 Mio*
Adapalene + Benzoyl Peroxide Gel (EpiDuo / Galderma) – $396 Mio*
Ivermectin Cream (Soolantra / Galderma) - $ 238 Mio*
Tacrolimus Ointment (Protopic / Leo Pharma) - $ 324 Mio*
Dimetindene Gel (Fenistil / Novartis) - $ 70 Mio*

*Global market size in 2021, according to IQVIA

Our first eCTD dossier will be complete by Q4 2022, allying an excellent manufacturing quality with competitive prices.

By introducing dermatology products within our portfolio, we are stepping into a unique domain that is not pursued by many players in the industry, which enhances our ability to offer differentiated, value-added products to our partners.  We will continue to expand our offerings within this domain, continuously.