Director, Business Development

Camila Reinoso

Camila Reinoso is responsible for business development initiatives in Latin American countries (excluding Brazil).

Trained as a lawyer, she embarked on her professional journey in a prestigious regional law firm before making a decisive transition into the pharmaceutical sector. With a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Camila's expertise encompasses corporate advisory, pharmaceutical company acquisitions, share restructuring, and the development of diverse business models tailored to pharmaceutical product commercialization and business expansion.

Before joining Adalvo, Camila dedicated ten years to Megalabs HQ in Latin America. In her last three years, she held a pivotal role in the Business Development department, overseeing operations across more than 20 countries in the region.

Her special viewpoint, combining legal expertise and a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical field in the region, allows her to handle the complexities of Latin American markets, where Adalvo is strategically focusing and expanding steadily.