Being the preferred partner

Our brand

At Adalvo, we place great emphasis on our brand promise: Being the preferred partner and setting a new standard for the future of pharma. We are committed to be: “Always on target”

Adalvo Bee 2 Bee

They say bees are the most industrious insects on the planet, so when it came to our new B2B business they seemed like the ideal metaphor.

Adalvo and bees actually have an awful lot in common, for a start, they believe in tireless teamwork and devote their lives to the benefit of the greater good. Not only do they produce honey, they play an essential role in our ecosystem since 84 per cent of all crops grown for human consumption are fertilized by bees. That’s all thanks to pollination, of course, and as a successful Bee-2-Bee business, we plan to thrive in the exact same way.

We can’t wait to start working with you!

Our name

the first part of our name, Ad, means towards in Latin. Alvo means target or goal and also forms the root of two of our Alvo companies, Alvogen and Alvotech. Our B2B business has seen tremendous growth in recent years and in 2019 alone we signed over 100 licensing contracts with our global partners.

Alvo also means outstanding or awesome. This reflects our deep-rooted commitment to the supreme quality of our products and services, so you can see why it seemed perfectly logical to call our new B2B unit Adalvo, since it encompasses all those same virtues of excellence.

Our logo

Consistency is a powerful idea and one that can’t be overstated, especially when it comes to our logo and the way we express our name in written copy. Our logo is the most important element of our brand so it is vital to ensure our logo always retains its intended shape, form and color.

Adalvo logo with comments

Download our logo

Adalvo logo, white on red

Adalvo logo, red on white

Adalvo logo with tagline

Adalvo logo, dark grey

Our Colors

Our color code is catchy and dynamic as well as communicating trust and stability.

A vibrant, powerful and caring red conveys a feeling of energy and confidence. Our Adalvo red is backed up by deep blue, warm grey and solid black to white.

Adalvo Red - energy, strength and passion

Deep Blue - trust, confidence and responsibility

Warm Grey - solid and stable, creating a sense of calm

Adalvo red color

Adalvo Red

Pantone 199 C

C0 M100 Y100 K0

R237 G28 B36

Deep blue color

Deep Blue

Pantone 655 C

C100 M93 Y41 K50

R28 G31 B63

Warm gray color

Warm Gray

Pantone 400 C

C0 M0 Y3 K12

R227 G227 B221

Grayscale colors

White to black

Grey Range in Between

Our Personality traits

Relentless Customer Focus

We tirelessly strive for excellence in all our endeavors, driven by our deep-rooted passion to make a difference for our partners. We look for new ways to delight and deliver and with our fast moving team we continually redefine what’s possible.

On target

Our business partners trust us to consistently deliver high quality products and services in a responsible and professional manner. Being Always on Target means no half measures. We are always willing to go the extra mile and find the best solution for our partners.

Smart networking

A personal and dynamic interaction and coordination with our partners is crucial to all our strategies. Like bees, we know that cross-pollination is always the best way to succeed!


We are not just a bit playful and fun, we’re born optimists. Our optimism is grounded in our firm belief that we can achieve our purpose of enhancing people’s lives around the world. Our optimism is contagious, motivating and builds partnerships with our partners and business associates.