Lotus Enhanced Oncology Pipeline

29 July 2021

Adalvo is the only B2B platform with a real selected boutique approach to portfolio. We are proud to offer products from all the major pharmaceutical domains, oncology being one of them.

Adalvo’s oncology portfolio is growing and we are excited to be offering an array of products to our partners across the globe. Adalvo's main portfolio engine for our oncology range is Lotus, an R&D and manufacturing facility owned by Alvogen and headquartered in Taiwan.

The primary focus of Lotus is to address the fast-growing oncology and highly potent API market and the Company boasts a best in class state of the art manufacturing platform which fulfills all requirement of a 21st century plant and has a maximum capacity estimated at 500 million units (tablets/capsules). The site went through an FDA approval without a single observation during their last audit in 2019, which we believe to be major achievement. Manufacturing technology focuses on high containment solid oral dosage forms, including softgel capsule capabilities, both in R&D and production.

Lotus is developing one of the most extensive oncology generic pipeline in the industry, with 20 first-to-file / first-to-market oncology products. It covers a global pipeline of $30bn worth of products.

Based on all these value offerings, we are able to ensure a vertical R&D and supply chain which is fully under Alvogen’s control. This is evident from past successes such as our first-ever EU generic approval of Lenalidomide hard capsules, in 2018, and our submission of GX Enzalutamide capsules, where we believe we are among the first companies to complete submission for this product.

In addition to this, during 2021 / 2022, we have 13 confirmed developments going through clinical phase, with significant financial investment allocated.

With the help of Lotus, Adalvo can bring all solid oncology products to our partners in a timely manner, ensuring perfect quality and competitive COGS.