Eribulin: DCP slot booked for August 2022

23 March 2022

We are pleased to provide a status update on our development of Eribulin injection 0.44mg/ml. The development of this product is progressing very well; our dossier will be available for dossier audit in May/June and a DCP slot has been booked for August 2022.

Our product has been developed based on the reference brand Halaven and is indicated in the treatment of Liposarcoma and Metastatic breast carcinoma. The product sold at $360mio globally in 2021, according to IQVIA.

The development and manufacture of Eribulin is difficult due to its complex chemical synthesis which involves multiple steps and state of art facility. Our progress on this product further enhances our capabilities and due to its challenging nature, showcases our ability to bring unique products to our partners, with a competitive approach.

Partner up now!

Adalvo is very excited about the positive status of this product, which gives us even bigger reason to look forward to the bright future ahead of us. We are open to discussing exclusive partnership scenarios for this asset. Please contact our BD Directors for your markets for further information.