Are you feeling the holiday buzz?

14 December 2020

Dear Partners,

As the Holidays are rapidly approaching, I really wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your wonderful collaboration and support in what has undoubtedly been a truly outstanding and remarkable year for all us on pretty much every front.

It’s hard to believe that Adalvo was created only a few months ago. In that very short time we’ve managed to foster new relationships all over the world and firmly establish a fresh and independent identity for our B2B business, which was created by two of our Alvo companies, Alvogen and Alvotech.

With Adalvo we’ve given birth to a new brand, which encapsulates our true ethos towards our partnerships, relationships and quality products and services. One of our greatest strengths is that we act as a standalone B2B engine that is already proving to be a vital strategic value driver for the entire Alvo group.

Adalvo by now has a dedicated team of about 60 people with a strong expertise across different regions and products. The wonderful thing is that, although we come from diverse cultural backgrounds, we all share common goals and strive for perfection in our work and services.

In 2020, Adalvo successfully stepped into six continents and we can now proudly say that we daily cover 70 countries around the globe. As we close the year, we are past more than 2,000 regulatory submissions and have been granted over 500 MA’s. Our Teriparatide biosimilar dossier in the EU was approved without raising any serious observations, in addition to which we were one of the first companies to submit a peptide Icatibant dossier in the EU.

Our Vinorelbine Soft Gel is by far the market leader in Europe and our Gefitinib is making double-digit market share in key countries. Last but not least, we were 1st to market with our Lenalidomide in CEE countries and in several emerging markets.

All in all, since our foundation, we have closed over 300 transactions representing over $1.3bnm cumulative license fee and an over $10bn 5-year cumulated deal value signed up with our partners. To crown it all, we even won the Generics Bulletin Award for the Adalvo brand launch in 2020!

Since our first day in business, Adalvo is building a boutique portfolio, which focuses on products coming from the complex segment generating high-value opportunities to our customers. In 2020 alone we managed to add 20 new products to our pipeline, altogether now offering 60 products.

Of course, with the global pandemic, it goes without saying that 2020 has also been a very challenging year, not just for us, but the whole world. But as the year draws to an end, we’re also beginning to see positive developments that give us good ground for hope. I have no doubt that 2021 will be full of great opportunities for us and that Adalvo will continue to grow and serve its partners around the world.

Our next steps will, of course, be focused on continuing our rapid growth and developing our existing partnerships as well as new opportunities on a global level to ensure we make a real difference to patients’ lives around the world. Thanks to Adalvo, we can channel all our efforts to make sure we deliver on that promise.

Let’s keep our spirits high and keep up the good work.

Have a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year

Anil Okay & the Adalvo Team